Hey there!

I admit I've been procrastinating (it doesn't only happen when you study - any job you need to do can do it!) and finally decided I should get my act together before the end of financial year (just).

I did want to share what's happening in our space. this month has been huge! (Nearly Hugh, but I did check my spelling.)

We did lots of boring stuff (Incorporated, new accounting system, new customer management system, etc etc) plus some super exciting stuff like....

Signed off on a collaborative research project with CQUniversity on the relative impact of Peer Mentoring for students undertaking Learn2Learn alongside their studies (hooray, Ethics approval!) AND includes what is essentially a pilot program bringing our Learn2Learn program firmly into the University hosted space!

It's a great win not only for us (we've been wanting to do this for a while) but also for the students who will be gaining direct access to Learn2Learn and improving their grades, confidence, motivation and likelihood of reaching graduation! Of course the University also wins with fewer students dropping out and hopefully also improved graduate outcomes...

We'll keep you posted with the research outcomes as well as any case-studies that come out of the program. We are keen to learn where we can improve too!

We've got some more projects in the pipeline too, so will keep you posted on what eventuates.

In the meantime, best wishes for Term 2/ Semester 2 for all our Southern Hemisphere students, and happy summer break for our Northern students!

Catch you in July!


Creator and Founder