Introducing Tanya.

Tanya is a mother of two young girls, a former accountant, a facilitator, coach, creator of Learn2Learn and UniCoach, and Founder of her own business Engaged Learning Solutions (as well as her own coaching business working with mum-entrepreneurs TMRutherford).

A real Life-long learner, she’s graduated from 4 different Universities in Australia, and worked at 2… and has seen first hand the struggles students can have when they start studying without the right learning skills. And has experienced it herself - Tanya will happily admit it took her to her last degree to work out what she should have been doing all along.

  • What is Learn2Learn all about?

Essentially helping students take control over their own learning experiences - and building their motivation and confidence into the mix. An obvious side effect is that they are much more effective at learning (so improved grades are on the cards), waste less time, and reduce their stress levels.

It’s designed to take alongside their first few weeks of study (preferably starting a couple of weeks prior to start of term) so that they can apply everything as they go - a great study strategy in itself!

  • What made you start this business?

Interestingly, this was born from a University assignment that Tanya completed early 2017 (while she was working as coordinator of a student mentor program, interviewing prospective mentors). Reflecting on the approaches taken by Universities to improve the learning outcomes for students, she felt there was a gap in the development of learning skills for new and existing students. Further research identified this concept as “Self-Regulated Learning” skills (or the ability to manage your own learning) - which is the framework I based Learn2Learn around.

  • What is the biggest struggle you see with University students?

I don’t think there is just one, and it varies between individuals and student groups.

  1. Definitely how to start when you haven’t studied for a while is a big one.
  2. Managing the transition from HighSchool where you are told what to do, when to do it and how to do it to a very much hands-off approach at University.
  3. What to actually “do” to learn - what to do with your lecture notes, etc.
  4. How to manage family, work, life with study.
  5. Staying motivated and coping with feedback or failure.
  6. Group work!

  • What are your top three tips to help them overcome this?

Other than join us?

  1. The top one is probably to know WHY you are doing this - what is your motivation and what support do you have or need.
  2. Next is self care - our brains need water, healthy food, exercise and sleep to function (usually what goes first when the pressure starts)
  3. Finally, find the support networks at your University - Mentors, Peer support programs, Clubs, Study groups…. Find ways to connect with people who understand what you are going through.

  • What would be your advice for University students to gain the best out of their study?

Plan, Act, Reflect, Adjust, Plan… From a term level right down to what you want to achieve out of each study session. (we have a free video on this:

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you have arrived? The same goes for if you don’t know what you are trying to learn from a given session, how can you check if you have actually learned it. I know it sounds extra work, but it saves time overall AND makes sure you stay on track.

  • What are your tips on preparing University students for the working environment / career?

Depending on your industry, most employers are more interested in 1. You graduated, and 2. What else you did (extracurricular) - rather than how many HDs or As you got. Make sure you seek out opportunities to demonstrate your leadership and service skills. That could be volunteering at the local hospital, coaching the junior sports team…. What ever is of interest for you.

  • How can we learn more about your work and Learn2Learn?

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We are also working on delivering in conjunction with Universities - so you are welcome to ask them if they are offering Learn2Learn programs with us.


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