Why Learn2Learn?

Our aspiration is to help YOU develop key behaviours, learning strategies and resilient mindsets that will improve your grades, reduce stress and time wasting; and as a result, increase your potential to graduate with the qualifications YOU want.

For so many students coming from either High School (where learning is structured and supported) or from the workplace - the experience of learning at University is overwhelmingly challenging. No one is following up with you, and not everything you are expected to learn is provided to you. Using study techniques which worked for you at school are unlikely to work as well here.

And so we created Learn2Learn.

Once you have applied the skills, strategies and mindsets we guide you through, you should expect to see the following:

  • Increased confidence in your ability to learn, and in the content you are learning
  • Reduced stress because you will feel more in control of your studies
  • Improved time management - using time in a learning-brain friendly way
  • Higher grades because you have explored and understand the topic, rather than relying on memorising unrelated facts
  • Improved ability to accept and proactively act on feedback
  • Higher self awareness around your learning

Unsure if you’re ready?

Learn from my mistakes.

Hi! I’m Tanya, and I’m the developer of Learn2Learn and Founder of Learn.Grow.BECOME.

When I first went to University, it was because it was expected. My parent’s would have loved me to be an Engineer, but that just wasn’t me. So I kind of “fell into” studying Accounting as a default (boring!!!), which gave me access to more certain work whilst I worked out “what I really wanted to do“.

I passed subjects because, well, I couldn’t imagine failing them. I really don’t know how I would have felt or what I would have done if I had failed. Which is a bit scary in itself.

And with many of my subjects, it was just a scrape-through pass. I’d never been a high achiever at High School, or at least not in later years, so I didn’t have the expectation pressure that I needed to be a HD or A+ student. I adopted the phrase “Anything more than a pass is a waste of time” because it made it seem like I could have done more, but chose not to. It was like an excuse or a cover for the fact I didn’t enjoy and therefore struggled with many of my subjects.

I don’t want that to be your experience. I’d much rather your experience be more akin to my last course in Education (I really did want to be a teacher all those years ago), where I felt like even the “urgh!” subject just opened me up and made me see things in a different light. In fact, that urgh! subject is where Learn2Learn started….

To learn more about Tanya, visit her on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tmrutherford/

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Where did Learn2Learn come from?

Interestingly, this was born from a University assignment that Tanya completed early 2017. Reflecting on the approaches taken by Universities to improve the learning outcomes for students, she felt there was a gap in the development of learning skills for new and existing students. Further research identified this concept as Self-Regulated Learning skills.